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Archive Celebration October Kickoff: launched OCTOBER 10, 2015
Bindlestiff Studio
185 Sixth Street (at Howard), San Francisco  8:00pm
Archive Celebration November A:
NOVEMBER 15, 2015, Sunday, 8:00 p.m.:
(all Bay Area Readings information, contact: jb_oga@icloud.com)

Archive Celebration - November B:
November 16, 2015, Monday, 7:00 p.m.
 Palo Alto High School Theatre Department in cooperation with TheatreWorks and Stanford University Asian American Theater Project (AATP) 

We grew up together, parent, child, sibling, spouse
Or learned together, through schools, or careers; Or traveled to places, exploring, guffawing
Or shared triumphs, of losses or bouts of silence
Or played, worked, succeeded, failed, with or without either of us in the room
For sure, we talked and we wrote, and talked about writing
Through them all, we loved what we do. So I share this page with you
And that's all About Us, how I got here.
With you.
Also on this page:
In Milwaukee, I grew to five feet and decided to write and travel. My feet stopping in California, I drew paychecks from scores of employers (at Stanford twice), browsed Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, yet prefer Hawaii, wrote plays, after a graphic artist career, inhaled theater and am in it fifty years (including my first ushering gig), married (twice), taught, have rare, heartfelt and deep friendships, wrote more plays, was adopted by nearly a dozen cats, not at one time, had an epiphany Off-Broadway, and realized I missed a lot of birthdays, had a play at Stanford, made Artistic Director, made films, wrote more plays and am on two books, was produced, interviewed, anthologized, and now archived. So there’s all that justifying time here. And there’s this website. And your support.

Playwrighting  Workshop
November 6, 2015, Friday
(AATP-students only), Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University
Stanford students only:
Archive Celebration - November C:
November 22 Sunday, 7:00 p.m. 
Los Altos Hills, CA: Foothill College  I-280 & El Monte Rd. 
Los Altos Hills, Lohman Theatre Rm. #8002 7:00pm 

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Sharing Education...
               Targeting Institutions
launching the Theatre Arts Department 
New Asian American New Play Series 
                hoʻopili i nā

  ao e like me 
  ko kākou
January 26 - February 26, 2017
Kumu Kahua Theatre
Honolulu, Hawaii   808-536-4441
by Jeannie Barroga  Reb Beau Allen, Director
 ". . .connect to worlds that reflect our own. . ."
Honolulu Production Sold Out
to Standing Ovations in 2017
R a c e.      R i g h t s.        W r o n g s.
U n s u n g  s t i l l. . .  s i n c e  1 8 9 9, among those still resisting
http://www.jeanniebarroga.com       LinkedIn Jeannie Barroga         Twitter @jeanniebarroga
​Late 2016:
BUFFALO'ED Power Point Lecture, Mountain View High School SOCIAL JUSTICE course, November 2-3 2016​
BUFFALO'ED Power Point Lecture Q&A, Windward Community College, Oahu, HI January 17 2017​
BUFFALO'ED Power Point Lecture Q&A, Leeward Community College, Oahu, HI January 20 2017
KPRP Radio interview, Karen Kaulana, Oahu, HI January 22 2017
​BUFFALO'ED Power Point Lecture Q&A, University of Hawai'i-Manoa, Honolulu, HI January 24 2017
NPR Radio interview, Chis Vandercook, Honolulu, HI January 25 2017
Center Stage TV ThinkTechGlobal interview, Tony Pisculli, Honolulu, HI January 25 2017

Directed by Reb Beau Allen: cast partially pictured above: David Fagan -- Q; Linc -- Jonathan Clarke Sypert; Woodruff -- Joseph Kingsley; Sergeant Connor -- Max Holtz; Porfirio -- Alex Hubbard; Doña Luisa -- Danielle Zalopany; Della -- Victoria Brown-WIlson; Gabriella -- Viviann Kapua'ala; also included: Captain -- Jason Kanda; Native/Dancer -- Geph Albo, Jr.; Native/Dancer -- Rodney Osorio; Native/Dancer -- Michelle Umipeg
Producer: Harry Wong III, Artistic Director, Kumu Kahua
2015 Activities:
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"...masterfully and harmoniously staged...power, depth, intensity ...
responding to the current moment...Bravo!"